Should Cell phones be allowed in schools?

Vista Heights Policy look at page 11

My Name Narrative

Click here to see a copy of the assignment sheet and the grading rubric. Rough drafts are due Sep 4th and 5th, and final drafts are due Sep 6th and 9th. The final draft should be typed!

Outside Reading

Over the course of the year, you are expected to read 20 outside reading novels (5 books a term). These can be any books you would like, and over the course of the year we will be developing our own identities as readers. Check the Book Recommendations tab or come talk to me if you need recommendations. Books should be within your reading level and should not be a novel that you have read before. Because we are reading just to enjoy reading, you will not have to do a big ol' book report. Yaa! Instead, after each book you will complete a One Pager Reading Log, which will be handed out in class.

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