Daily Agenda

B Day: Monday, May 19

A Day: Tuesday, May 20

  • Reading - checking photos and grammar sentences
  • Narratives - come write down the list of requirements from the board.
  • Homework:
    • Photo Essays due next class!

B Day: Thursday, May 15

A Day: Friday, May 16

  • Reading
  • Working on Photo Essays - revising!
  • Homework:
    • Photos for photo essays due next class

B Day: Tuesday, May 13

A Day: Wednesday, May 14

  • Finished The Ten Most Important Days in Ann Frank's Life
  • Worked on readings logs
  • Worked on photo essays

B Day: Friday, May 9

A Day: Monday, May 12

  • Worked on projects and reviewed grammar concepts.

B Day: Wednesday, May 7

A Day: Thursday, May 8

  • Chapter 7 of The Ten Days.
  • Class Discussion - What are the events that stick out to you most in the chapter? Why do they stick out? What can we learn from them?
  • Begin working on photo essays.
  • Homework
    • Article of the Week 22
    • Reading Logs
    • Work on Photo Essay

B Day: May 5

A Day: May 6

SAGE TESTING - ELA Test - If you were absent, come and schedule with me to make it up.

B Day: Monday, April 21

A Day: Tuesday, April 22

SAGE TESTING - Writing test -  If you were absent, come and schedule with me to make it up.

A Day: Thursday, April 3

B Day: Friday, April 4

  • Reading - First reading log is due!
  • Do's/What's
  • Getting ready for the SAGE test.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 20
    • Reading Logs

A Day: Tuesday, April 1

B Day: Wednesday, April 2

  • Reading
  • Do's/What's with this prompt.
  • Chapter 3 on The Ten Most Important Days in Anne Frank's Life.
  • We analyzed all the pictures, then we drew a Venn Diagram on our prompt sheet comparing non moving visual texts and written texts.
  • We read the picture book I Had Trouble in getting to Solla Sollew by Dr. Seuss.
  • Then we read this quote by Anne Frank:
    • “Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness. People are just people, and all people have faults and shortcomings, but all of us are born with a basic goodness.” 
  • Then we wrote a two paragraph reflection in our writer's notebooks to answer these two questions.
    • First paragraph: We all have them, what is one of your faults of shortcomings? Explain how it impacts your life.
    • Second paragraph: What do you need to work on to become better? Explain how you can do that.
    • **I am collecting your writer's notebooks next week!
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 20

A Day: Friday, March 28

B Day: Monday, March 31

  • Reading
  • We did a Do's-What's with this prompt.
  • Background of the Holocaust: Go through this powerpoint and learn about Anne Frank and her life. 
  • Analyzing audio texts: Listen to the three audio texts at the end of the powerpoint. DO NOT read the text as you listen. 
    • Take notes as you listen and answer the SIM categories.
      • Summary
      • Important/Interesting Information
      • why it Matters
  • Make a Venn Diagram and compare and contrast written texts with audio texts.
  • Read chapter two of The Ten Most Important Days of Anne Frank's Life.
  • Homework:

A Day: Wednesday, March 26

B Day: Thursday, March 27

  • Reading
  • Reading and understanding prompts - come into Teal to make this one up (or after or before school)
  • Anticipation guide
  • We read the introduction and chapter one of The Ten Most Important Days in Anne Frank's Life. There is not an online version, so you will have to come during Teal or before or after school to catch up on reading.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 19 - due next class

A Day: Monday, March 24

B Day: Tuesday, March 25

  • Reading
  • KWL with WWII. If you were absent, write what you know, what you want to know, then write what you learned from watching this video.
  • Then we made a venn diagram comparing videos and written texts. 
  • We watched The Giver Movie trailer.
  • We considered the following questions:
    • What are the benefits of telling a story in the movie genre?
    • What ways does The Giver movie have to be different from the book? (not just plot)
    • How is the movie different from what you expected? Why was that?
    • A movie includes both picture and sound. How does sound have an effect in the trailer?
  • Then we wrote an essay in our writer's notebooks following this text structures:
    • The book was good because...
    • The strengths of the movie genre are...
    • I predict that the movie will be better because (give three specifics)...
    • I predict that the movie will be not as good because (give three specifics)...
    • I wonder...
  • Homework:

A Day: Thursday, March 20

B Day: Friday, March 21

  • Reading
  • Graded Class Discussion
  • Homework:
    • Enjoy the weekend by reading! Make sure everything is in because it is the end of the term.

A Day: Tuesday, March 18

B Day: Wednesday, March 19

  • We presented our projects!

A Day: Friday, March 14

B Day: Monday, March 17

  • We finished Animal Farm. If you were absent, you need to finish the book and come up with three discussion questions from the last chapter or from the book. Then you must answer your questions and cite the text. This is getting us ready for a graded class discussion.
  • We also presented our projects.
  • Homework:
    • Make sure everything is turned in because it is the end of the term.

A Day: Wednesday, March 12

B Day: Thursday, March 13

  • Silent reading - Reading logs are due next class!
  • Peer edit with our projects
  • Then we turned our projects in. If you did a powerpoint, you must turn in your project both electronically and with a hard copy. Make sure you share your powerpoint or prezi with me at my email: mlaurent@alpinedistrict.org.
  • When you print your powerpoint, print as many slides on a page as possible. 
  • Make sure you also turn in your grading rubric and pink planning sheet.
  • Homework:
    • Reading logs!

A Day: Friday, March 7

B Day: Tuesday, March 11

  • We worked on our projects. They should be done by next class!
  • Homework:
    • Finished project due next class

A Day: Wednesday, March 5

B Day: Thursday, March 6

  • Animal Farm chapter 9
  • Pre-writing and planning for our projects. Click here to pre-write and plan.
  • We worked on our projects - you should be about half way done with your project.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 18
    • Make sure you are caught up on your projects

A Day: Monday, March 3

B Day: Tuesday, March 4

  • We took a test on Animal Farm. Come see me to make it up.
  • We worked on our research for our projects. You should be about done researching by now.
  • Homework:

A Day: Thursday, February 27

B Day: Friday, February 28

  • Read half of Animal Farm chapter 8.
  • We came up with research topics and started doing research for our research projects. 
  • If you were absent, you need to come talk with me to get a topic approved and get an assignment sheet and rubric.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 17

A Day: Tuesday, February 25

B Day: Wednesday, February 26

  • Turned in reading logs (just the first two)
  • We analyzed this political cartoon,
  • read Animal Farm, chapter 7
  • and filled out the reading guide with our groups.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 17 due next class.

A Day: Friday, February 21

B Day: Monday, February 24

  • We took the DWA today (aka the Direct Writing Assessment). It is a standardized test that all eighth graders in Utah take to test their writing skills.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 17 
      • B Day: due Friday
      • A Day: due Monday
    • Your first two reading logs are due next class period!

A Day: Wednesday, February 19

B Day: Thursday, February 20

  • We annotated an example argument essay written by an 8th grader. Find and annotate the following:
    • Where is the claim
    • Find the three reasons
    • Highlight all the evidences in one color - What do you notice about the evidences?
    • Highlight all the explanations of evidences in an other color - What do you notice?
    • What is good about the argument? 
    • What is not working?
    • Look at each of the topic sentences - do they connect to the claim AND tell what the paragraph is going to be about?
    • Find all the transitions words - circle them
    • Annotate anything else you notice
  • Then we talked about the DWA (next class!), and we revised our own MyAccess writing.
  • Homework
    • Reading logs
    • You are welcome to work more on your MyAccess writing

A Day: Friday, February 14

B Day: Tuesday, February 18

  • We did a my Access Prompt to get ready for the DWA. If you were absent, log into myaccess.com and do the prompt titled Animal Rights Laws.
    • Your username is your skyward user name, and your password is your lunch number.
  • Homework:
    • The first two reading logs are due next week (February 25th)

A Day: Wednesday, February 12

B Day: Thursday, February 13

  • We read our own books silently.
  • We worked on arguments and wrote down a new text structure in our writer's notebooks.
  • Then we read Animal Farm, chapter 6 as a class and did a Drama Reading.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 16 is due next class.

A Day: Monday, February 10

B Day: Tuesday, February 11

  • We finished up our essays that answered the following prompt: When is it okay to rebel?
  • Then we brushed up on arguments. If you were absent, you need to come up with a claim, reasons, and evidence to answer the following question: Is Snowball a traitor or loyal to Animal Farm?
  • Homework:

A Day: Thursday, February 6

B Day: Friday, February 7

  • Animal Farm chapter 5 with groups. Make sure you cite the text by quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing when you fill out your reading guide.
  • Gallery Walk: View these pictures and fill out the reading sheet.
  • Then we came up with our own text structures and used them to write an essay answering this question: When is it okay to rebel?
    • Your text structure must be at least four paragraphs long.
    • You must cite the text by citing BOTH Animal Farm and the pictures from the gallery walk.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 15

A Day: Tuesday, February 4

B Day: Wednesday, February 5

  • Starter with analyzing visual displays. View this powerpoint and fill out this sheet.
  • Read Animal Farm chapter 4 (go to the homepage and find a link to the text) and fill out the Chapter guide. Don't forget to cite the text.
  • We learned about appositives - get these notes in your writer's notebooks.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 15 - see due dates and the link below

A Day: Friday, January 31

B Day: Monday, February 3

  • We read a chapter of How They Croaked about how Cleopatra died. If you were absent, you can read about how King Tut died by clicking on the link. We then went over the citing sources page of the webquest and talked about in-text citations. If you were absent, you need to read the citing sources page again. We found evidence in How They Croaked and practiced using in text citations.
  • Then we went over how to ask good questions. If you were absent, you need to take notes on this powerpoint because you will be expected to ask good discussion questions in your reading groups.
  • Then we read Animal Farm chapter 3 and discussed the guide with our groups. If you were absent, go to the homepage to read the chapter and click here to fill out the guide.
  • *If you are a B day student, we had a sub on Thursday, so we switched the order of things. We read chapter 3 on Thurs and we did the AAAWWUBBIS lesson on Monday.
  • Homework:

A Day: Wednesday, January 29

B Day: Thursday, January 30

  • Silent reading
  • Animal Farm Chapter 2 in reading groups. If you were absent, go to the homepage to read chapter 2. Also, make sure to turn in this sheet.
  • Lesson on Subordinating conjunctions (AAAWWUBBIS). Look at this powerpoint and take notes.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 14 due next class.

A Day: Monday, January 27

B Day: Tuesday, January 28

  • We worked on our webquest - finished the research and typed up the essay. If you were absent, you need to complete the webquest found at this web address animalfarmvhms.weebly.com.
  • We also got Article of the Week 14
  • Homework:

A Day: Thursday, January 23

B Day: Friday, January 24

  • Silent reading
  • Research a rebellion using the webquest
    • Make sure to write the text structures in your writers' notebooks.
    • Don't forget to take notes while doing your research so you will be able to write your essay
  • We read chapter one of Animal Farm in reading groups. If you were absent, you need to read chapter one and fill out this guide.
  • Homework:
    • Reading logs

A Day: Tuesday, January 21

B Day: Wednesday, January 22

  • Reading
  • Group work on Article of the Week
  • Writing our own This I Believe - come get a planning paper from the absent drawer
    • Then copy the text structure we pulled out of the This I Believe essay on rebellion.
    • I believe statement - story of the belief - describe someone with the belief - memory of the belief - personal experience with the belief - how you live your belief
  • Begin webquest
  • Homework
    • no AoW this week

A Day: Thursday, January 16

B Day: Friday, January 17

  • Reading
  • Close reading / annotations with a This I Believe Essay
  • We looked at each paragraph and came up with a text structure. 
  • If you were absent, you need to read and annotate this essay.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 13 due next class

A Day: Tuesday, January 14

B Day: Wednesday, January 15

A Day: Friday, January 10

B Day: Monday, January 13

  • Reading and noticing dashes. Find a dash in your reading, write it down in your writer's notebook, then write what you noticed about how the dash is being used. Finally, write three imitation sentences.
  • 11 minute essay (see structure below) with the following statement: It is okay to rebel in order to stand up for what is right. We turned these in.
  • Then we worked on not using the words "I" or "you" in formal writing. Fill out this worksheet and turn it in for a grade.
  • Homework:
    • Print out a book cover and bring to class next time. This will be a grade and we will be doing an activity with them.

A Day: Wednesday, January 8

B Day: Thursday, January 9

  • We worked on colons. Check out this powerpoint to practice with colons. 
  • In your writer's notebook write the following:
    • Title the page "The Colon"
    • Write for 1 minute explaining what the colon looks like.
    • Write for 2 minutes explaining how to use a colon or what a colon does.
    • Write for 30 seconds explaining when to use a colon.
    • Write an example sentence of a colon.
  • You should write this as if you are explaining it to someone who knows nothing about colons are you are teaching them about it. 
  • When you get back to class, copy down the text structure that is on the board in the text structure section of your writer's notebook.
  • Homework:
    • Articles of the Week due next class period.

A Day: Monday, January 6

B Day: Tuesday, January 7

  • We turned in our reading logs, and read silently. You will get new reading logs for term 3 sometime this week.
  • We got Article of the Week 12 - due dates below
  • We wrote at 11 minute essay
    • To make this up you will need to write the following phrase in your writer's notebook:
    • It is worth it to fight for people you love.
    • Then spend one minute explaining what that phrase means to you.
    • Then, in a new paragraph, think of a book that shows that this statement is true. Spend three minutes explaining how the book you chose shows how this statement is true.
    • In a new paragraph, do the same thing with a movie. Spend three minutes.
    • In a new paragraph, do the same thing with an instance from history; spend three minutes.
    • Finally, spend one minute, in a new paragraph, beginning with the phrase "This all makes me wonder..." or "I wonder..."
  • When you come back to class, you will need to start a section in you writer's notebook for text structures. 
    • Copy down the text structure on the board in your writer's notebook or copy the notes from a friend.
  • We then learned about purpose, why do writer's write? Why do you write? View this prezi.
  • Homework:

A Day: Thursday, December 19

B Day: Friday, December 20

  • We turned in our argument letters and reflected on what we learned.
  • Then we read silently. Remember your reading logs are due after the break!
    • A day: Jan 6
    • B day: Jan 7
  • Then we explored using different structures with arguments and learned about ethos, logos, and pathos.
    • Logos - using logic in your argument
    • Pathos - using emotion in your argument
    • Ethos - using authority in your argument
  • We wrote letters to Santa or to companies.
    • If you want to write to Santa, use this address:
      • Santa Claus
      • North Pole
      • Alaska
  • Homework
    • Reading Logs! And enjoy the break!

A Day: Tuesday, December 17

B Day: Wednesday, December 18

  • Read your own book silently. Fill out a reading log for The Giver! You may count it as one of your five books for this term. Merry Christmas.
  • We did one last peer review. Check it out here.
  • Then we read a chapter of Tom Sawyer and did a film comparison activity with three different film adaptations.
  • Homework:
    • Final draft of your argument is due with the following:
      • KWL research 
      • Outline
      • All your rough drafts
      • Final draft
      • Grading rubric
      • And a second print out of your final draft to be mailed
    • Reading logs! These are due the day after Christmas break!

A Day: Friday, December 13

B Day: Monday, December 16

  • Writing with colons starter - Make sure your bring your own reading book next time
  • We work-shopped our rough drafts. Use this powerpoint to revise your draft.
  • Homework:
    • Improved draft of argument due next time
    • Reading logs!

A Day: Wednesday, December 11

B Day: Thursday, December 12

  • Writing Practice Starter. Get this in your writer's notebooks.
  • Work-shopping body paragraphs and evidences.
  • Writing time.
  • Homework:
    • Rough drafts are due next class period:
      • A day: Dec 13
      • B day: Dec 16
    • Final drafts are due as follows:
      • A day: Dec 19
      • B day: Dec 20

A Day: Monday, December 9

B Day: Tuesday, December 10

  • Finish The Giver
  • Then we had a class discussion book club. You need to turn in the book club sheet handed out last time.
  • Then we worked on topic sentences. Watch this powerpoint and get the notes in our writer's notebook.
  • Homework:
    • Argument Outlines - due next class period

A Day: Thursday, December 5

B Day: Friday, December 6

  • The Giver, chapter 20
  • Watch this Prezi to learn about Biblical Allusions.
  • Complete Book Club guide and come to class prepared to participate in a graded class discussion.
  • Bring your research to me to get a stamp, and start your argument outline. Outlines are due on the following dates.
    • A Day: December 11
    • B Day: December 12
  • Watch this powerpoint to see how authors use the hook to draw readers in. It is about the Hunger Games.
  • Homework:
    • Book Club guide - due next class period
    • Argument Outline - see due date above
  • There is no article of the week this week, but if you would like to read about how a girl from Iceland is suing the government because she was named a name that was not on a government approved list, then click here. This is not extra credit, just extra interesting!

A Day: Tuesday, December 3

B Day: Wednesday, December 4

  • The Giver chapters 18 & 19 - Connotation quiz
    • If you were absent you need to come make it up before/after school or during Teal.
  • We chose topics for our argument essays. Click here to see possible topics.
  • Then we filled out this KWL chart and did research.
  • Homework:
    • Finish research
    • Reading Logs

A Day: Tuesday, November 26

B Day: Monday, December 2

  • The Giver chapters 15, 16, 17 - Class Discussion
  • We examined grammar and writing in Tom Sawyer in order to help us improve our own writing. If you were absent, you will need to choose a grammar skill to work on and write a paragraph using that  skill.
    • Prompt: Now it is your turn to have the chore of whitewashing the fence, but you don’t want to do it. How are you going to get out of it? Write about your story.
  • Homework
    • Reading logs!

A Day: Friday, November 22

B Day: Monday, November 25

  • The Giver chapters 13 & 14
  • Answer this question in your writer's notebook: Do you think Jonas is happy he became the receiver? Why or why not? Would you want that assignment?
  • We presented our argument speeches. 
  • Homework:
    • Work on reading logs! You should be somewhere around book three. 

A Day: Wednesday, November 20

B Day: Thursday, November 21

  • The Giver chapters 11 & 12 with connotation guide that we turned in.
  • Then we talked about how colors have connotations, did an activity, and listened to a song that used color for expression.
  • Writer's use words with connotations to express themselves to to accomplish their purpose, even in arguments.
  • We then looked at an argument speech and filled out guided notes. In the box talking about what we noticed, we looked specifically at the word choice and connotations. Hint: why did he use the word "stalking" instead of "followed?" Click here to view the speech called "Tracking our online trackers."
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 11 - due next class period
    • Practice your argument speech
    • Don't forget those reading logs. You should be somewhere around book 3

A Day: Monday, November 18

B Day: Tuesday, November 19

  • We read The Giver, chapters 9 &10 and found at least three words important to the word choice and wrote the connotations in our writer's notebooks. One of the words had to be "weighted" (pg. 78).
  • We took argument notes. These are very important! Make sure you get them in your writer's notebooks. They will help you write arguments for the rest of the term and year.
  • We passed out our argument outlines - due next class period, and worked on them. 
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 11 - due Friday for A day, Monday for B day
    • Argument outlines - due next class period
    • Work on those reading logs. You should be done with your second book.

A Day: Thursday, November 14

B Day: Friday, November 15

  • Test on examining arguments. If you were absent, you need to come see me to make up your test.
  • Working on our research. Research guide is due next class period.
  • We also filled out a guide to help us form our own arguments. Click here.
  • Homework
    • research guide (see below for the link)

A Day: Tuesday, November 12

B Day: Wednesday, November 13

  • Chapters 7 & 8 of The Giver. 
  • In your writer's notebook write the connotations of the following words as used in the text.
    • crescendo (pg 59)
    • selected (pg 60)
    • chant (pg 64)
  • Then we started doing research for our argument speeches. Should cell phones be allowed in schools? Click on the assignment tab to get you started and fill out the following chart
  • Homework:

A Day: Friday, November 8

B Day: Monday, November 11

  • Read chapters 5 & 6 of The Giver. Then answer the following questions in your writer's notebook.
    • 1. What assignment do you think Jonas will receive? Why? Explain.
    • 2. What do you think of the pill? What does it do? Why do you think it is part of the "ideal" society?
    • 3. Find at least three word from these chapters that you feel are important to the word choice. Write their connotations.
    • (You can access a copy of The Giver on the homepage of this website.)
  • Next we examined an argument speech.
  • We worked on our final Costco Connections individually. This is due next class. You may pick up an article from class or pint this article about technology to use.
  • Homework:
  • Some students were asking for the article about wild animals. You may use this one if you have not already used it with your partner.

A Day: Wednesday, November 6

B Day: Thursday, November 7

  • Chapters 3 & 4 of The Giver and reading guide on word choice and connotation.
  • Then we listened to chapter 2 of Tom Sawyer and took a look at word choice. We circled the words that were important and wrote their connotations in the margins.
  • We finished up our Costco Connections articles with our partners. Those are due next time if you didn't already turn them in.
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 9 - due next class period

A Day: Monday, November 4

B Day: Tuesday, November 5

A Day: Thursday, October 31

B Day: Friday, November 1

  • Murder mystery argument
  • Finished up social networking Costco Connections article and turned it in
  • What is the ideal society anticipation guide
  • Homework:
    • Enjoy the weekend and Happy Halloween

A Day: Tuesday, October 29

B Day: Wednesday, October 30

  • Silent reading; 5 books this term!
  • Passed out Article of the Week 8, see below for the link.
  • Pass out the late passes, if you were absent, you need to come and get on from me. 
  • Talked about late work policy. You only have one week to turn things in for partial credit - one week from the day that it is due.
  • We finished looking at the article, "Is America giving up too much privacy for security?"
  • Then we did a journal - Deep Think Write (multiple paragraphs long) - where we argued our own thoughts on the issue, "Is America giving up too much privacy for security." We used the Costco Connections article to find quotes or evidences or support our arguments.
  • Then we worked on a new Costco Connections article with partners. This is turned in for a grade. "Are social media actually making us less social?" We filled out the same chart.
  • Homework

A Day: Friday, October 25

B Day: Monday, October 28

  • Bring your book for silent reading. We also got new reading log sheets for term two. You must read five books this term!
  • Then we did a journal prompt. We chose from a number of different "would you rather" prompts, but answered them without using the word I.
    •  If you were absent, get this in your journal: Which is better, speeding time up or slowing it down?
    • Then box your claim, circle your reasons, and put a star by your evidence.
  • We looked at an argument text and picked apart the argument. 
  • Homework:
    • A day: Enjoy the weekend!
    • B day: AoW 8 - due Monday for A day, Tuesday for B day
      • (The connections chart is not included. If you choose to print this off the website, you need to create your own connection chart on a piece of paper.)

A Day: Wednesday, October 23

B Day: Thursday, October 24

  • Silent reading (Make sure you have a book every day!)
  • We read a picture book: I Want an Iguana
  • Journal Write: What is an argument? Why do people write arguments?
  • Then we examined arguments in the everyday world. Check out this powerpoint.
  • The last four terms (claim, reasons, evidence, sources) in the powerpoint are extremely important. We will have a quiz on them soon. Make sure you get them in your notes!
  • Homework:
    • Article of the Week 7 - due next time

A Day: Monday, October 21

B Day: Tuesday, October 22

  • We shared our writing and got AoW 7
  • Homework
    • Article of the Week 7

A Day: Thursday, October 17

B Day: Friday, October 18

A Day: Tuesday,  October 15

B Day: Wednesday, October 16

  • Silent reading. Those reading logs are due very soon!
  • We made connections between The Outsiders and "The Chase." Then we did a Flow Write to help us get started writing our own Life Changing Experiences Essay.
    • To make up the flow write: Write without stopping for four minutes about anything that comes to your head when you think of your own life changing experiences.
  • We worked more on participles and knowing exactly where to put the comma. Check out these notes here and get them in your writer's notebooks.
  • Then we filled out a planning guide for our Life Changing Experiences narratives, and started our rough drafts. 
  • Homework:
    • Rough draft of Life Changing Experiences narrative (due next class period)

A Day: Tuesday, October 8

B Day: Wednesday, October 9

  • We took a multiple choice quiz on theme and The Outsiders.
  • We did our discussion assessments. You need to make these up before or after school or during Teal
  • Homework:
    • Reading Logs!!!!

A Day: Friday, October 4

B Day: Monday, October 7

  • We finished The Outsiders. Pretty good book, huh?
  • Then we discussed the theme and key details in the book.
  • We filled out a final discussion task sheet for our articles and short stories. This is part of your discussion assessment grade, so it goes in the test category of the grade book.
  • Practice discussion to get ready for our final discussion.
  • Outsiders's Test! If you were absent, you need to come before or after school, or during Teal to make up the test.
  • Homework:
    • Get ready for your final discussion assessment.
    • Reading logs!

A Day: Wednesday, October 2

B Day: Thursday, October 3

  • Read Chapter 10 and 11 of The Outsiders.
  • We had a class wide discussion about the themes found in the novel.
  • Mac Vs. PC article.
  • Discussion in groups.
  • We got our final discussion articles and short stories, and talked about what the final discussion assessment will look like. Come see me to see what group you are in. Do a close reading on both the short story and the article. Keep the final discussion tasks in mind!
  • Homework
    • Finish annotating your article and short story
    • Work on reading logs!!!

A Day: Monday, September 30

B Day: Tuesday, October 1

  • Read Chapter 9 of The Outsiders.
  • We did a close reading of "The Chase" by Annie Dillard. We looked for key details and then determined the theme.
  • Then we did a journal and talked about the themes seen in The Outsiders. Check out the prompt here.
    • I collected your journals! If you were absent, you must get that to me asap.
  • Homework:
    • Work on your reading logs (5 books you must read this term)!
      • A day: Due Oct 21
      • B day: Due Oct 18
    • Extra credit Article of the Week 6 replaces your lowest AoW (due Oct 9th or earlier, will not be accepted late!)

A Day: Thursday, September 26

B Day: Friday, September 27

  • Time for reading your outside reading novel. Remember that you must finish 5 books and fill out your one pagers/reading logs.
    • A day: Reading logs are due Oct 21
    • B day: Reading logs are due Oct 18
  • Then we read The Outsiders, chapter 8, as a class and found the key details in the chapter. We filled out this chart.
  • We had a discussion with discussion roles
  • We did a grammar mini lesson and learned about the tool of participles phrases. Check it out here. This should be in your writer's notebook.
  •  I will be collecting your journals next class period.
  • Homework:
    • A day: Article of the Week 5 is due Monday.
    • Work on Reading Logs

A Day: Tuesday, September 24

B Day: Wednesday, September 25

  • The Outsiders chapter 7
  • Discussion model video with guided notes
  • Discussion on The Outsiders
  • Exit card
  • Homework
    • Work on reading logs! 5 Books this term. They are due October 21 for A Day and October 18 for B Day. They will not be accepted late.
    • Work on Article of the Week 5 (see link from previous day) - due Friday for B day and Monday for A day.

A Day: Friday, September 20

B Day: Monday, September 23

  • Read Chapter 6 of The Outsiders silently.
  • Compare the movie clip of the barn burning with the chapter. We turned in this movie comparison wks.
  • Discussion with roles
  • Finished up poem annotations if not finished.
  • Quiz on the reading that was for homework (short story and article).
  • Discussion model video
  • Homework
    • Work on reading logs! You should be in your third book by now.
    • B Day students got their Article of the Week 5.

A Day: Wednesday, September 18

B Day: Thursday, September 19

  • We began with a new seating chart today. Now we are sitting in tables for our discussion unit.
  • Then we read The Outsiders, chapter 5. Click the link on the homepage to catch up!
  • Theme notes in our Writer's Notebook. I am going to be collecting those soon!
  • Close reading and annotating of the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay."
  • Discussion (in our discussion groups with roles) about the theme in the poem and the novel.
  • Homework:
    • Read this short story and article for next class.
    • Article of the Week 4 due next class.

A Day: Monday, September 17

B Day: Tuesday, September 18

  • Silent reading. It is almost midterm, so you should be in your third book by now.
  • We did a quick reading quiz where we made connections between what we are reading and our own lives.
  • We finished discussion roles notes (get them from a friend), and took notes on the sentences starters.
  • Then we read The Outsiders, chapter 4. Make sure you go to the home page and catch up on the reading.
  • Homework:

A Day: Thursday, September 12

B Day: Friday, September 13

  • We began by reading chapter 3 of The Outsiders individually.
  • Then we did a journal Flow Write: Choose one of the characters you know from The Outsiders so far. What do you think of him or her? Do you like him/her?
  • Opinion vs. Claim powerpoint, and take notes in your writer's notebook.
  • Then go back to your journal write, find an opinion that you wrote about your character. Then change that to a claim. Support your claim with two textual evidences. We turned in this assignment.
  • Then we began taking notes on discussion standards and roles. If you were absent, get the notes from a friend.
  • Homework:
    • Be working on those reading logs! You should be just finishing your second book.
    • A day students need to finish their Article of the Week 3, due Monday.

A Day: Tuesday, September 10

B Day: Wednesday, September 11

  • Silent reading starter.
  • A day classes got Article of the Week 2 (see below). B day got them the day before.
  • Vocabulary guide with chapter two of The Outsiders. We also read chapter 2 as a class.
  • Vocabulary skits!
  • Homework:
    • Finish vocabulary guide. Find two words on your own. Due next class period.
    • Work on Article of the Week 3

A Day: Friday, September 6

B Day: Monday, September 9

  • We began with a journal prompt today: What does it mean to judge another person? By their clothes? Their friends? Their personality? Actions? When is it okay to judge someone else? Is it ever okay? Why?
  • Then we filled out an anticipation guide where we formed opinions and agreed and disagreed with our classmates with an activity called Four Corners.
  • Then we began reading, and read chapter one of The Outsiders. If you were absent, go to the homepage to find the link and catch up on reading.
  • Homework:
    • Get started on Article of the Week 3, and enjoy the weekend. (A day classes will get to AoW on Tuesday.)

A Day: Wednesday, September 4

B Day: Thursday, September 5

  • Silent reading
  • We looked at and went over our Article of the Week 1, and saw how we could improve.
  • Then we looked at different ways to cite text using an paragraph about gangs.
  • Then we pulled out our My Name narrative drafts. We looked at coordinating conjunctions and combining sentences.
  • Homework:
    • Final draft of My Name narrative (turned in with rough draft and annotated pink sheet)
    • Article of the Week 2 (due next time)

A Day: Friday, August 30

B Day: Tuesday, September 3

  • Silent reading. If you don't have a book you are losing participation points.
  • We got our new Article of the Week (look down under homework).
  • Chalk Talk with making inferences.
  • Close reading with "My Name" by Sandra Cisneros looking for figurative language. Annotations are part of your grade! Click here to find a copy of the text to annotate.
  • Next week looked at some models. If you would like to see my model again, click here. It is about my own name.
  • Then we began our rough drafts of our own My Name narrative. Instructions are here.
  • Homework:
    • Completed draft of My Name narrative (due next class period).
    • Article of the Week 2 (due sep 6 for A day students; sep 9 for B day students).

A Day: Wednesday, August 28

B Day: Thursday, August 29

  • Today we did a MyAccess pretest in the computer lab.
  • We also passed out reading logs and went over any questions with the article of the week.
  • Homework:
    •  Article of the week is due next time. See link one day down.
    • Work on reading and reading logs!

A Day: Monday, August 26

B Day: Tuesday, August 27

  • Silent reading. Make sure you have a book every day!
  • Article of the Week: You will be doing articles of the week every week, but since it is the first week, we did it together. We worked on close reading strategies and annotating as well as finding the main idea and making connections with the text. 
  • Homework
    • Finish Article of the Week 1 (Due Friday for A day students, and Monday for B day students).
    • Find and read any informational article of your choice. Write down the title, author and source and turn it in next class period. 

A Day: Thursday, August 22

B Day: Friday, August 23

  • We started off today with silent reading time. Then we talked about what we have been reading. It is always better to talk with people (friends, parents, teachers) about what you are reading. Make sure you have your outside reading book every day!
  • Next was a journal write, argument genre: Do you think cell phones should be allowed in school and why? We discussed our different ideas and supported out points. 
  • Partner Clocks: We got to know the class a little bit better and picked a partner for each hour of the day. When I say, "get with your four o'clock partner, you will know what to do!"
  • Lastly we all enjoyed each other's finalized 6 word memoirs. There were some pretty great ones out there!
  • Homework: Talk with someone about what you are reading. Then, on a half sheet of paper, summarize in a few sentences what you talked about, and have him or her sign the paper. Due next class period. Also, bring out book covers for our We Read board.

A Day: Tuesday, August 20

B Day: Wednesday, August 21

  • Welcome to the first day of English! It is going to be a great year.
  • We started the day off with a seating chart, then everyone totaled up all the books they read this summer. We cheered for the student who read the most. Ya for reading! Then we totaled all the books the class read together and put it up on the wall.
  • Because students didn't have their outside reading books yet, I read some of the novel Holes to the students. We talked about the main character Stanley and what makes him unique. Everyone needs to bring their own outside reading book for next time!
  • Next we went over the disclosure document and the class procedures. I also handed out hall passes and bathroom passes. Come see me if you missed class so I can get you your passes. Signed disclosure documents are due by next class period.
  • Six Word Memoirs: We looked at some examples of 6 word memoirs and wrote our own. Everyone should come with a completed memoir by next class period.
  • We took a class picture. Woot for the first day!
  • At the end of class we did a journal write: What are your feelings for the upcoming school year? 
  • Homework: Bring all materials, especially an outside reading novel and writer's notebook. Signed disclosure document. A finalized six word memoir.

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