Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Your Projects Were Awesome!

You guys did such a fabulous job on your projects that I wanted to show a few of them off on our website. As you look through your classmates' work, notice their organization - imagine the text structure they would have created - and notice their use of multimedia (especially when they show off their own surveys).

Maranda did such a great job presenting her project on dreams that everyone had questions for her. It was so interesting!

Talia has some deep thoughts about how leaders use hope and fear to control people.

Makaela did two very interesting surveys about leadership and published her results here. After the video from Ender's Game, she asked the class what they noticed about Ender's leadership. So cool!

Riley did an excellent job of using questions to direct his research. It is quiet interesting as well. Check it out here.

Madison's question was "what makes people stand up for their believes?" She has such great analysis of her sources.

Want to learn more about different types of horses? Check out Liesl's project.

Cassondra wanted to know what causes people to go insane. She learned that people don't go insane, but there are mental disorders. She then researched three of them.

Jane has some pretty interesting ideas about her question: Does fear have control of us?

Caden answers the question, "Why do people lie?" and organizes lying into different categories.

Here are two great projects on animal communication: Cameron Gray and Madi Scivally.

Sofia's project about loyalty was very well made and has a cute video that she explained.

There were so many more awesome presentations. Great job to everyone!

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